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Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Anticipation

Our 3rd Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, and while kiddo hasn't had any meltdowns regarding those holidays or expressed any concern, I can't say I've seen any real excitement looking forward to Christmas, some, but not like most kids.

The first year, she asked for nothing for Christmas.

The second year, she refused to make a list and maybe 3-4 days before Christmas rattled off about 3 things she wanted.

This year, she said she's looking forward to Christmas and she made a list of 13 items.  She was going to list 10, but decided since she's 13, 13 was a good number of things to put on her list, but that she got more than that the last two years, so more was fine too.  13 was just a goal.  That was her goal of what to ask for but it took forever for her to come up with 13 things.

What she wants: heart jeans (which I cannot find anyway and have no clue what she's even talking about), nail polish, hair bows, hoodies, shorts, XBox games, Mario Kart for her 3DS she got last year, reborn baby, jewelry, a stuffed pony, cool hats, boots and Wii games.

The jeans she may be out of luck on.  I got her a huge stuffed giraffe instead that I used the last of my reward points at my old job on right before leaving.  It's 4 feet tall. I doubt she'll miss the pony since she only said that because there was a pony sticker on the paper she made the list on.

I don't think we got her any Wii games that I remember, but I did get quite a few DS games.  The cool hats we haven't gotten yet either. I've never seen a girl love caps and crazy hats as much as her.  Santa is bringing 2 pair of boots and daddy just got her 2 pair last weekend. Boot crazy!!

She said this morning she's looking forward to sleeping in on Christmas break and watching scary movies with her puppies.

It's so good to see her looking forward to something in the future.  It's such progress.

Moms of teenage girls, do you know what she means by light heart jeans? She said they have pretty hearts on the back pockets. I'm having ZERO luck.  She usually doesn't ask for much so even though we always go overboard, her not asking for much out of us makes me want to get them bad.

It's also very unusual to ask for clothing as a gift.  Our baby is growing up.


  1. Apple bottoms jeans(?) idk good luck!

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  3. hummm, possible. I'll have to see if I can find them in her size, they may be what she's talking about, they have the cute hearts, thanks!!