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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Adoption Awareness

418 children were adopted in the state of Virginia in 2013.

Kiddo was one of those 418.

20 of those families were invited to the Governors Mansion last night for an adoption awareness event. We were one of those.

We went and an amazing time was had. The mansion was beautiful, it was fun getting to meet the governor and to meet his dog.

There was a lot of good food, all kid friendly. The homemade potato chips were awesome, as well the pigs in a blanket. A couple of the kids ended up feeding the dog, or maybe the dog stole the food. Either way, we got a case of the giggles!
It was great hearing adoptees speak and hear the governor speak about the importance of our children on the future.  It brought another closeness and kiddo even snuggled to daddy on the way back to the hotel
A long drive, but so worth it, just one more way to show kiddo how special we think she is and that she's not alone in the journey.

One adoptee got up and spoke and said she was adopted at age 14 and told just a touch of her horror story before finding her family. Another got up and introduced herself as the other ones sister and said after 3 failed matches, they put her back with her big sister and how much they love their family.

Lots of swag too.  One bag for kiddo and one bag for mommy and daddy to share.  We even got a $25 gift card for Food Lion to put towards a holiday meal.

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