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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tired Already!!

S is moving in with her new family today (foster only) and will not be able to attend our celebration.

We thought K wasn't going to be going either, her great grandma just passed away, but her mom said nope, she's looked forward to it too long, she was going to let K come celebrate with us.

Busy scrambling around packing, planning and getting things together for our weekend.  So excited. I can't believe this day is almost here.

Put kiddo to bed last night and she got up 3 times within 20 minutes to say she couldn't sleep.  I told her that's because she hadn't laid down and tried to yet.  She snuggled in the bed with us instead, at the foot of the bed like the puppy.

Our bed does NOT have enough room for the 4 of us ;)  But so cute that she wanted to sleep with us the night before leaving on our adoption trip.

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Sunday we have a play date planned with S so they can have a celebration together and not totally be left out.

Busy weekend. I'm tired already.

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