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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Really? Just really?

When kiddo first moved in and we finally found a counselor after much looking, the 2nd session, the counselor quit.

We got a new counselor.  Some pretty heavy issues related to her past trauma came up. She had a trigger and behaved very inappropriately via texting with her phone. We took the phone away, for good, and e-mailed her therapist so she'd be prepared for the session.

No response.

Went to therapy. Drove an hour to get there. The therapist quit. Nobody bothered to tell us.


I'm so disappointed that somebody in that type position could let their clients down and not even help with the transition or say goodbye. Fortunately, our baby is fine with changing to yet another therapist.  I wasn't nuts about that one anyway, I just didn't want to switch unless I could get the one I wanted her to have.

The one I really wanted her to have IS finally accepting new patients, unfortunately, we called about a week too late. Her baby sister got that therapist.

Well, I guess that's good since the baby sis needs a great therapist, but figures that we'd be a day late and a dollar short.

Here's hoping the next therapist is great and can get her thru this trauma so she can get comfortable knowing she's not going to experience the same trauma she has in the past and that we're now in the forever zone.

We e-mailed a professional we know that could help us with some therapist leads.  Her response:

1st let me say “OH NO, I AM SO SORRY!”

I  really do feel the pain that this must be causing you and Kelly.

But then….we anticipated that she would up the ante as the adoption neared and afterwards. At one level it is a test of “Did you really mean it?”  I am sorry that she chose this form, but again, no big surprise.

It really is a counseling issue. Just don’t panic. Keep close watch. Love her in spite of her behavior- I know I don’t really have to say that, but unconditional love is essential here.

Totally agree with her and committed to doing what it takes to help her heal. We'd do anything for our baby but give her up.  :)

Love that child, just not her behaviors at that moment!  

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