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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Last weekend I did the photos for a wedding.  I e-mailed my friend about Wednesday to let her know the disc was ready for her.  She said she'd come pick them up over the weekend.  Friday night, the husbster said they were talking on facebook and that she'd be at El Ranchito (my favorite restaurant) at 1 pm the next day having lunch and he suggested we just drop them off there and have lunch too.

I wasn't suspicious at all.

We pulled up at El Ranchito and I saw another friends car right up front. I said "oh cool, Linda is here too".

Still not suspicious.

Got out of the car and said "Is that Emma's car over there?"

Still not suspicious.

Walked into the restaurant and Lupe (the owner) said "they're in the back".  I actually was puzzled at how he knew who we were meeting.

Go figure.  Naive much? lol

It took seeing this sign to "get it".

The odd thing was I'd already figured out a surprise party was in the making. I was just so convinced it wasn't this weekend that I didn't see it coming.

I totally turned to mush, everybody was excited that I was surprised. Our baby was all smiles, enjoying this party especially for her.

Totally cried at the cake and one of the gifts.

Here's the cake.  The picture frame had our names, adoption date and "journey of our love" engraved on it.  A couple people said "OMG, we made her cry". Kiddo said "she's a big cry baby, don't worry about it".

What a nice day.

Oh, and the gift card on the left, it's enough for our celebration dinner Thursday at the Melting Pot.

My only complaint, nobody brought my camera for me because I didn't see it coming!! Boo!!

A great day!

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