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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Settling In....

Haven't come in lately because we've been so busy with the "new baby" aka 11 year old daughter.

She's only been here 6 weeks. Some days it feels like just yesterday with the excitement and other times it feels like she's been here her entire life. She fits our family like a glove.

Yes, there is always growing pains, but well worth it. We're all learning each other, adapting well and loving our new family together.

I love how open she is and how much like a smaller child she still is sometimes. I know it's because of her past, but what I'm impressed with is her willingness to go back to that time and have a "re-do". 

Just playing with a child tells you so much about that child and this little angel is heavensent and has a heart of gold.

Only 2 more weeks of leave for me before I go back to work. Dreading it, we've loved this bonding time together and I could easily become a stay at home mom.

If only we would win the lottery so I could stay home and be here for my baby every day when she gets home from school.

(incidentially, now that she has a family to count on, she says she's not leaving us and when she's 40, she'll just move in next door and adopt kids and have a farm)

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