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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mornings are such a bear.....

I'm not a morning person anyway and now we're 6 weeks in to having kiddo here and my having to wake up even earlier.  I remain calm, but she's not a morning person either, nor my husband.

Needless to say, it makes for interesting mornings. Between baths and breakfasts...

Getting her out of the tub this morning and out the door on time this morning was a chore and a half. The Disney Princesses on her bath wash and shampoo came to life this morning in the bathroom and kept her otherwise occupied and running late.

On top of that, this morning kiddo was refusing to eat breakfast after I got up early to fix her favorite--scrambled egg with Mexican cheese dip on it.  Anything is better with cheese, right?!

I was getting annoyed and trying not to transfer that emotion to her, I've been sick a week and kiddo not eating her favorite breakfast? Really? She said she'd just eat at school.  Ummmm, I've been packing lunches because she hates school food?!  We made a deal then and there with daddys intervention. Thank God for his clear head because mine is still foggy.  No more fixing breakfasts!! We'll let her have breakfast at school and sleep in about 15 minutes later in the morning, giving us more time to get ourselves together and her more sleep.  I'm so glad we got this settled before my leave is over.....I go back to work February 11.

Now, if Ms Picky would just start eating lunch at school, no more packing, heehee!!

Daddy hung the moon though, he got her cheesesticks at the grocery store yesterday, so all her worries were that she had a cheesestick for lunch because "Mommy is trying to kill me and didn't pack a cheesestick yesterday".  Ummmm, because she ate them all as snacks.

But her nighttime snack issue is a story for another day....could use some input there to help her manage that process.

I love this kid though, have I said that?!  I know mom is in Heaven laughing though, she got her wish, I got a kid JUST like me.

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