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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A mothers word....

You know how moms always say "I just hope you have a kid just like you" and it's always such a threat, but you never think it'll happen.

When I was growing up, I was a big time baby alive fan. Mom thought they were the most hideous looking baby dolls and I totally loved them. After I grew up, kids didn't appear to be in my future, so it didn't look like she'd ever get her threatening wish.  But mom and I enjoyed each other and were best friends.  We went to a rummage sale together and she caught sight of a Baby Alive and picked it up and said "is this what I think it is?". I had to laugh hysterically, because she was so right, it was completely horrible looking and yes, it was a baby alive doll.

She spent a quarter and got it for me and told me not to complain about it being ugly, if I loved it so much as a child to have so many, I needed to suffer thru her buying me one as an adult and how I should be glad I didn't have a kid that was so nuts over such an ugly baby doll.

In all fairness, they are cuter now. I showed mom a pic in a catalog before she died, but she didn't agree with that.

Today, Princess discovered the joys of thrift store shopping and got 3 baby dolls with her allowance. 2 were Baby Alives. Between mine, the one Santa brought her and these 2, she now has 4 Baby Alives.

Guess Mom got her wish, and YES, she's totally like me in a zillion other ways too.

The one on the left is the 1970's version that I had that mom spent a quarter to get me. The middle ones are the ones from the past 10 or so years and the one on the far right, the R Santa brought to 'lil miss for Christmas. 

How they've evolved, but they are silly dolls. I totally LOVE the new one though <3

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