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Thursday, October 22, 2015

BFF Love

Starting to think maybe we're seeing the drifting apart of the super closeness that kiddo and her BFF have had.

After our August vacation, taking BFF with us, we said BFF was going to have to step up if she wanted the perks of being kiddos bff.  We take her everywhere with us, treat her like our daughter when she's with us and 95% of their relationship is one sided. We spoil BFF. BFF rarely asks her to do things with their family.  Not really an issue as their family is much larger, so we have the funds to spoil, but more than an occassional "Come over and hang out" would be nice.

Kiddo is starting to talk about inviting other friends to do things and expressing a little need to seek out a more balanced relationship.

BFF spends so much time texting the boyfriend, crossing a few lines in several areas and a little more grown than she needs to be. Kiddo is finally realizing while they love hanging out and love each other, they are more different than similar and she's starting to get freaked out by some stuff.

So proud of her for speaking up and seeking ideas on how to change her path.

We shall see what comes of this.

On another note though, such sisters, these bff''s.

Friday Night, BFF woke up at 2 am and I was awake for some reason and she said "Mommy (yes, she calls me mommy), I'm going to push your daughter out of this bed. I hate sleeping with her. She's getting on my nerves and her knee has been up my butt"

Saturday Night, Kiddo woke up 2 am and said "Momma, BFF is getting on my nerves and her knee is up my butt, I can't sleep"


The crazies of BFF life.

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