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Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!!

we celebrated the Princess's birthday Saturday before last!
she said this was the first "real" party she'd had, with friends and the whole nine yards.

We had the BEST time planning for it and while we were all worried that our expectations would be too high, it went super great. Well, except BFF putting a frog on our baby! lol

Even the cake exceeded expectations.

We expected a meltdown after the party (she usually has her meltdowns after really good things happen), but it was a pleasant weekend the whole time.

She had a pool party, lots of yoshis and peace signs and her favorite colors, her crush, her boyfriend and her 2 best friends, as well as family and other friends. I wonder if her boyfriend realized she was crushing on another guy, lol

My baby is 12. I'm not ready for her to grow up.  I told her we'd start going backwards, next year she'll be 11, the following 10.

She said she wished we'd found her at 3 and she could have had her childhood back.

How it breaks my heart to hear that, and yet, cherish that she wants to be here.

I love that girl, Have I said that lately?

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