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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Odd Feeling.....

Adoptive placement papers are signed and our agency has requested knowing whether we want to keep our license open.

Given our babys history and how she's doing now vs prior placement, it's very obvious that she is just right as an only child.  We started our journey only wanting one child, and opening ourself up to siblings if the right match showed up.

Back to only child again.

My silly girl cracked me up, but just affirmed our decision to close our license.  One of her little friends baby sister called me mommy about 1/2 dozen times yesterday. Princess said "No, that's MY mommy".

She doesn't want to share us at all.

All that said, somehow after so long waiting thru this journey for our baby to show up, it feels VERY weird to close the license.  Shortly, there will be no more social worker visits, no required training (although our trainer said we're still welcome to come to the trainings we feel would help us, but that they could no longer send invitations, but she'd keep me in the e-mail loop).

What will life be like just being a family?


  1. I've been following your blog since well before your Princess was placed with you. I remember being stunned and angry for you when you had a failed match with the girl who came to your home, and I remember being every so happy when everything with Princess worked out and she came home to you

    I really am so happy to see you all reaching the finish line (well, it's really just the beginning! But its the end of the process wtth all it's worries, letdowns and pitfalls) finally :)

    Best of luck to you as a family! My eldest did very well as an only for 6 years before she was felt ready to have a sibling (who arrived about 2 years after) but I would have been okay if she was always my only

    Bring on the finalisation!