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Thursday, May 23, 2013

You know you're a trauma mom when.....

  • kids are going nuts in your place of business and you're the only one not being judgmental because you know there may be more to the story and it could just as easily be you and your child
  • you celebrate the weeks you DON'T get e-mails from the teachers
  • you see one of your childs teachers in the grocery store and THEY run the other way, instead of your kid
  • you celebrate that the food "safety" box in her room is no longer empty every morning
  • your friends kids are all getting awards, honor roll, etc at school for end of year and you're celebrating that your child got thru the year with only one fight and is passing
  • you're excited because she worked up the courage to tell you she's "mad at you" instead of worrying that'll result in getting "sent back"
  • your daughters soccer coach "bribes" her to play her best by letting her use 1/2 time that's for team to strategize to come hang out with mommy and daddy instead 
Add yours....

oh, how being a mommy to my special girl changes our perspective!! She's a wonderful child and we love her dearly and celebrate every bit of progress.  This is just a short list of recent things that come to mind.  

and if you're not a trauma mom and stumbled on this, enjoy every success of your child, no matter minor or major.  If you celebrate the little things, you'll be more likely to be "invited" to celebrate the big things with them.

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