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Friday, May 24, 2013

Adoption Agreement....SIGNED!!!

My head is pounding now, all the stress is releasing now that the documents are signed.

It's been such a wonderful day.

The kiddo got out of school, excited that she'd passed (yes, she was genuinely worried, and mommy was a touch worried, given that she's not a great test taker and apparently school is all about the SOL's now)

The hubster recorded her a special mix CD today and picked her up in the convertible early to come home in time for her custodial worker to show up with the paperwork for us to sign.

She got to sign the TFC paper with us to release her from TFC.  We all loved that she was allowed to use our last name on that document.

Then we went to dinner and celebrated at the Japanese Steakhouse. Love the floor show. It's where we celebrated when she first moved in, so it's really appropriate.

Now, bring on the court date!!

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