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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


....... after meltdowns

Last night was the roughest night ever.

Temper tantrums galore last night, kiddo yelling and crying' sending up with me in tears too.

Hubster got kiddo calmed down to listen some and I apologized for having to see me cry and explained screaming and yelling is a trigger for me as it is for her. We explained how it makes us feel to get yelled at, followed by shutting down and not sharing her feelings verbally. We let her know we understand by her actions that she's stressed, but if she shuts down, its hard to figure out what triggered the stress.

That provoked even more crying (from me and her), a ton more hugs and so many attempts to let our baby know our job is to help.

She cried, apologized and hugged us and shyly asked if we'd still be able to have our bedtime reading ritual.

What was a horrible evening turned productive and sweet and this morning was the calmest morning in awhile.

When I went to wake her up, no screaming today....just a "5 more minutes please" and we both took a 5 minute catnap and got up.

She's so worth the tears, but I really wish I wasn't a crier.

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