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Sunday, February 17, 2013

I love weekends....

it's crazy how bad I miss our baby during the week when I'm at work.  As career-oriented as I've been in the past, it amazes me how much I would totally give it up to spend every possible second with the kiddo.

Things went better this weekend than they did over the week, so I'm guessing that my going back to work must've been the trigger for her.  She said it's the "time of year" that did it, but looking at her file, all her moves have been late May/early June.  That should be interesting.

We were playing school and went on a "field trip" to see the goats.  Babygirl was pretending I was her best school friend and she was the teachers daughter.  She "invited me" to come home with her after school when we got back from the field trip. As we entered the house, I jokingly said "house sure is messy".  She said "Well, my mom works all the time"


My poor princess.

(fyi--I don't work all the time, it's full time, but not more than a normal full time job, although I guess after 9 weeks off, it seems like all the time to both of us)

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