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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living with a broken heart

When 'lil miss came to visit, she told she was scheduled to visit another family too.  She visited another family the week after us. Despite having that connection and loving her so much and all of us feeling like family, her worker chose the other family, who's visit also went well.

My heart is broken. Why have her visit and then take her away for us never to see again?

They said we did nothing wrong, the visit went well, we had all the right trainings, they loved us, etc, but ultimately it was a hard choice and they chose the other family.  It's not normal to have 2 families actually meeting the child. I don't get thow that makes sense for either of us?

Will we ever get over this? I miss this precious little girl so much. My heart feels not only broken, but shredded into little pieces.

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