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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Orthodontist Visit

You may remember this:;postID=3162261861794907511;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=105;src=postname

Kiddo has brushed her teeth faithfully since then, but she is a bit lazy with it and she has an issue not brushing her gums well. It feels weird to her. She brushes them, but not well.

A few days ago, she was brushing her teeth and the wire popped out of her braces, they'd gotten hung on her toothbrush. It was after hours and the on call person didn't answer or call back.

Hubs cousin is an ortho assistant for an orthodontist out of town, so I took kiddo over to her house to clip the braces for us.  Pretty funny looking to not have braces on the 2 front teeth.

Once we got kiddo into the ortho, the assistant there YELLED at her and refused to fix them, because she's "not taking care of her gums".

Babygirl almost had a meltdown, anxiety and PTSD set in and hubs said the trip home was horrible.  She managed to get regulated with daddys help before they got home to her xanax and then he found out what happened.

He called the doc and spoke with the office manager, who promised to take care of it.  The doc called and apologized on behalf of the assistant and promised to make notes in her chart.

For now, I'm looking for trauma info to provide to the doctors office.

It's NEVER okay to yell at a child, it's VERY not okay to yell at a trauma child. That could have ended very badly.

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