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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Still a Kid!

Last year kiddo decided that she would follow Halloween rules and since she was 14 would not go trick or treating, despite that she clearly wanted to.

So we bought her candy and let her invite friends over to make smores (who didn't show up, but that's another story)

this year, she asked me if she could go trick or treating and gave me a long list of things she'd like to dress up as.

So, yeah, my 15 year old daughter and her BFF let me take them trick or treating and even okay with my walking with them.

I loved seeing them be kids.  There were so many years I missed out on, so those things she does longer makes my heart sing.

Kiddo dressed as a dead bride. Her bestie was a pirate.  I was Hello Kitty, lol. Yeah, I dressed up. No, I didn't ask for treats. lol

After dropping of BFF, kiddo and I dropped by the little store near us for dinner.  I think the men hanging out in there thought we were sisters from the way they talked and flirted with both of us. Kitty outfit must make me look young ;)

It was a fun night.  Teens are every bit as fun as the little kids.  Seeing a teen act like a little kid is fun too---comparing treats and trading candy.  Awwww.

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