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Thursday, July 28, 2016


It's been a busy summer, nearly a month later and I'm finally getting around to here to talk about the pool party.

Kiddo's party was the best ever this year.

Bigger turnout on the kid end of it.  Party was suppose to be 1:30-4:30, but the first person showed up at 12:15 and the last one (other than the one that stayed the night) left shortly after 6 pm.

The interactions---really big deal for me to watch that.

The interactions between her and her friends demonstrated to me just how much she's grown up over the past few years.  When she arrived here, she was 11 chronologically. I'd say 7-8 emotionally.  She's pretty close to caught up to her age emotionally now.  A little behind, but not really noticeable now.

The bonds are strong with these friends and it was so much fun to watch.

Her pets were "invited" to the party and got the first piece of cake. She claims it was an accident, but given that her husky is still ranked above friends, I'm not totally sold on it.  Her request was blue and no chocolate so her husky could eat some of her cake.

The kids played hard, ate cake in the gazebo, swam and enjoyed her flamingo float she got for her bday.  Kiddo got to ride it very little, this was the popular pool toy for the day...

The party was emoji themed, so not only the cake had emoji's, but we got her a dozen emoji beach balls for the kids to play with and the gift bags had emoji earrings for the girls.

Many of the guests brought her emoji gifts even.  She ended up with 2 emoji bean bags. I was so glad I didn't get her the bean bag, because I really almost did. lol

We gave her front row tickets to see Carrie Underwood, me, her and one friend will be going.  

It was an amazing day.

Her sister didn't get to come because there was an adoption party the same day, but more on that later.......

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