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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tybee Island & New Friendships

I've followed Last Mom's blog for years, since we were in the search for our daughter actually.  All the talk about her quality momma/daughter time at Tybee and how much fun they've had had us looking up Tybee and it's suitability as a good vacation spot for us.

It seemed to fit almost everything we look for in a vacation spot so we booked a cute 'lil cottage and made our plans.

The best part of the trip.....we managed to time it to see Last Mom and Princess.  The girls hit it off.  My daughter loved hanging out with hers and our whole family just really enjoyed our time with them.

Vacations are always somewhat triggering for kiddo, but we keep trying to expose her in small doses (a few days at a time) so she can gravitate to normal.

She did great though.

She loved seeing Princess and how well adjusted she is and said "Momma, so she went through some of the stuff I did?" but the best part of the trip for me was after we got back to the cottage one night after having a ton of fun with those fun ladies and she was cuddling, giggling and hanging out with me and said "Momma, Last Mom and Princess relationship reminds me of ours".

That made me smile so much.  It was that moment that I realized she realizes we have something special and that this is real.

We had a few stressors along the way, traffic and a stalker, but so much more fun than stress.

Tybee Island was quieter than most of our vacation locations. Princess managed to get kiddo out in the water farther than normal.  The water was warm and the waves were mild.  The cost was very affordable.

Only downside was that long, long drive!!

Anything over 6 hours is a plane trip in my book, but for every now and then, this was fine.

This was the first vacation in awhile that we didn't take a friend for kiddo with us and I loved it.  She had a friend there anyway, but we had friend time (super fun for all and alone time, super fun too)

We've decided we want the showers in our backyard. I didn't take a shower inside the cottage the whole time. I was in love with the outdoor showers there.

Princess convinced kiddo to eat crab legs and she now officially likes them. She didn't, however, like her shrimp....spoiled child didn't like seeing veins. Apparently she thought shrimp never had veins.

Other highlights include ice cream on the girls noses, listening to them giggle about cute shirtless boys at the beach, climbing trees, feeding alligators, covering each other in sand, good food and laughter.

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