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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Secrets in the Attic

Who doesn't love a good mystery?

This is another Tybee story, but I didn't want it clouding the important parts of the other post.

When we first got to the cottage, we staked out our rooms and starting putting our things away. When kiddo visited our room, she immediately noticed the entrance to the attic above our bed.

She was insistent that we MUST go in the attic and explore.  Part of me was exhausted, part wanted to message Last Mom immediately and plan our meet up. The child in me won though and before we could even think it through, hubs is yelling "What are you girls up to? There is a lot of noise in there".

We'd moved the bed out of the way and were on our way up the ladder.

Our excitement when we saw the vintage suitcase.

but, oh, the letdown when it was empty.  RRA was on the suitcase and a stray E inside the suitcase matching the font on the outside.

I started strategizing immediately on how to make this fun for the next explorer to enter the cottage.  Kiddo wanted to put the suitcase in the kids room to be found instead of the attic, but she soon realized I was right, that that was no mystery.

At first she said "What parent is going to let their child go exploring in a strange attic?"  After the amusing glare she received from me, she said "I mean most parents aren't as fun as you".

The suitcase stayed down until the last day, when I added a letter with a mystery to be found.

Hubs offered to pay for kiddos honeymoon to the same cottage if she'd promise to go in the attic with her husband to see if the letter had been found yet.

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