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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Transgender Bathroom Controversy

What bugs me the most about the transgender bathroom controversy is how much more we worry about that than about the kids in our country that are neglected and/or abused. I rarely see worry over that (except in adoption groups).
I respect passion and it's great to be protective of our kids, I don't want mine in most public restrooms alone regardless of who's allowed in there or not, but it really saddens me that this is so much more important to most people than the overall future of our country.....that's not where we're likely to need our child to be protected from.
Do you think 1500 people are going to be killed by a transgender person each year as a result of this "new" rule that isn't new at all? That's how many kids per year die due to abuse and/or neglect every year. Why isn't THAT important to anybody that hasn't experienced it first or second hand?
Where do you think they're (Transgenders) currently going to the bathroom at?
The only thing likely to be changing is the constant discussion about it. Everybody loves to pretend to want to make a difference, but it's usually talking about something that we can't change. The future of our kids we CAN change though. How about a few join the cause on that. THAT is where the real difference comes in at. Fix that problem, fix the vicious cycle and I can PROMISE that the world will change for the better.
Some respond with that they're looking after the kids, most never mention preventing issues.  Pretty sure it's not about helping the kids, as 99% of them have zero information or rage towards child abuse from areas that it actually happens in.  Most people like to vent about things they can't control vs doing something about what they can control.  pushing 90% of sexual abuse is done by somebody that the child knows, not a random stranger.  
Kids are going hungry every day, kids are being abused daily, 4 kids a day are dying from abuse, kids are being sexually abused by PEOPLE THEY KNOW, not some random transgender person.
When I look at the adoption sites to see if some of the kids we met or knew about before we found kiddo have found homes and more than have haven't, it tells me there aren't enough people actually wanting to make a difference.  If more would step up and help, then authorities may have time to prevent some abuse by protecting kids and getting them out of abusive situations and helping families either get their acts together or find a safe place for kids.
We can rationalize our opinions, but the numbers really don't lie.  
This is intended not to be pro or con transgender bathroom issue, but to provoke thought and suggest maybe people would get out and do something about what matters to them, instead of just whining. Be a solution.  I wish some would put things in perspective, but many are just happier being mad and prefer placing blame over fixing an issue.
Some say "I believe this, but it's because this....", I challenge you to really think about WHY you believe the way you do, regardless of your beliefs.  Look at any friends wall on facebook and you can tell what matters most to them. The most prominent subjects on your wall are the things that are most important to you.  
If the only stance you take against child abuse is that a person may pose as a transgender to get in the bathroom and stalk your child, but you never worry about a child that dies from hunger or from being tormented, you never worry about sexual abuse, it's not the potential for child abuse that truly bothers you.  If child abuse was primary concern, you'd also worry about real dangers to a child.
It really upsets me and I know that's personal and emotional on my level, but it hurts to see how much people care about this issue and yet so few cared enough to get my baby out of a situation before it was as bad as it was.  It hurts to know that I KNOW what some of the kids went thru and it took so long to get that child help.
I live with 2 people that have PTSD from childhood abuse, I do take this personally.  It's real and it's a daily battle.  
Who's willing to go out there and make a difference?


  1. You know I'm passionate about foster care, but the transgender bathroom issue is also life or death. This is a group under constant that of violence. Forcing a transgender woman to use the men's bathroom is not only shame inducing, but dangerous. I'm in favor of gender neutral bathrooms and major changes to the foster care system.

    1. A ton of people keep saying they're against it because of potential abuse. The risk of gender neutral bathrooms causing issues is ridiculously low. If somebody really was worried for that instead of hate of the unknown, just seems like they'd get on the bandwagon about issues that have high odds of happening.

    2. No idea why I'm showing as unknown. It's Peskie lol