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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Perfect day....

The hubby and I had a nice conversation tonight, lighthearted, for no real reason other than our brain went down that path. Who can figure out the whys?

It started with the Citi commercial where the guy is dumped because he's boring and he starts using his Citi card to do all these cool things.  DH and I were talking about how that was silly to go spend a ton of money pretending to be somebody you aren't to impress an ex.  My comment was "if he's not right for her, she's not right for him either". 

We talked about how lucky we were to find each other and he said he had to wait so long to meet me because he had to work out his childhood trauma to be ready to receive my love.

Then, I go on my favorite bulletin board and read this post:

"It took me a year to get pregnant the first time...and I cried everytime I started my period. But the MOMENT I held my baby girl in my arms - I thanked God that EVERY other time I had not been pregnant. If I had gotten pregnant at any other moment then I would not have been holding my sweet precious perfect girl.

And then I realized - God had my children picked out for me and I just had to wait for them - and they were so worth the wait!!!!!"

As I read that and realized it's back to back with our conversation on how us meeting was destiny and seeing this was just reassurance not to give up on this journey, our child is meant to be with us and it will happen. It's discouraging to wait on finding our 'lil one and quite frankly, keep wondering if it's worth all the heartache, but then just a song, or a comment or something seemingly meaningless like a conversation regarding a commercial makes me realize every day we wait is a day closer to finding that child that we're meant to have and then we'll realize that if we weren't right for the others along the journey, they weren't right for us either.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I found I have very good instincts on these kids.  There have been very few sibling profiles that I've expressed interested in because hubby prefers a singlet.  One sibling set we requested consideration for was the one with Princess H, who later got split from her siblings and we were considered for.  I did that on a whim wanting HER, but overwhelmed with the idea of 3.  We found another set of 3, I read their bio and I told hubby "the risk factors seem to indicate that these 3 are not likely to get to be placed together, I'm submitted regardless in case they have to separate them". Today we got notice they'd been separated.  Unfortunately, the 2 we felt we could handle were the 2 already placed.  Oh well, Not surprised and really it helped to know that my instincts lead us well.  Now to find OUR child....wish us luck!

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