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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Short Term, Decisions and Clarity

Several years back, we inquired on a girl that we knew very little about. We received no information, despite tons of follow up.

A few weeks back, we were called to do respite (or as it's now being called short term care) for a 16 year old girl.  We were excited to say yes and alternating between excited and annoyed that this is the same child that we inquired on several years back.  She's way out of our age range now and it's annoying that she's still in care.  She is an amazing girl. 

Honestly, if we'd already adopted our first child, we'd consider her.  After a short visit with her and a weekend with an 8 year old, we know we'll definitely be more exhausted in our age range, but it also confirmed that our age range is right for us.  LOVED the 16 year old, but it made me cry to see how independent she is and how I wouldn't be able to baby her.  We were asked to consider adopting her and it breaks my heart to turn her down, knowing how we love her, but even so, we know that doing so would block the child that is meant to be with us and as DH says "we can't save them all"

What a bittersweet weekend to take her back home.

She is also an excellent artist, check this out. I don't know if you can tell, but the heart is breaking :(  She's funny, sweet, caring, but obviously sad deep down.  I hope she finds a great forever family and I hope her foster mom lets us borrow her again for a weekend here and there.

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