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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random Blessings.....

So, now the little girl from the sibling set is waiting for a home. Expressing interest, hopeful that we’ll hear something and afraid to let myself believe that we can be considered after so much heartbreak along the way.

Susan put this on my wall and asked for prayers for us.

A “random” (and I use the word random very loosely) lady ventured in to tell her story of adoption and heartbreak along the way and how very happy she is now.

She was matched with a precious little girl and at the last minute, the birth mom changed her mind.  She was obviously devastated, as we were after Princess H’s visit and then her being placed elsewhere.

On Christmas Eve, she was online filling out a random adoption survey. The odds of case workers being in the office on Christmas Eve were slim to none, but yet, somebody saw her on there, she shared her story and 2 weeks later, this guy that was there that night listening to her story, walked in on a meeting of case workers trying to decide where to place 2 beautiful little girls. He said he knew the right home for them and shared this ladies info.  They were placed with her and while it’s not what she thought would happen, she said there has never been a shadow of doubt that these kids were meant for her and her for them.

“God is the master of random blessings

~my random visitor to my fb wall

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