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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arlo and the babies

After the visit with the 16 year old, I have to say I really enjoyed how well her and Arlo got along and part of me thought despite all the other issues that make us want a young child, maybe we should consider how rambunctious our furkid Arlo is. 

We got to test that.  Our dog sitter while we went on vacation has a 12 month old and I was worried he'd be too rough with her, but instead he just loved on her, they played hide and seek, chased each other and kissed each other. 

We had a pool party and he gravitated towards the smallest kids and was very gentle with them.  The 18 month old offered him potato chips, which he declined, but he did offer her kisses in return.
So, that makes me feel better to see how he just seems to get along with kids in general and adapts.  

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