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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fear is my worst enemy

yeah, so we finally made the decision to foster locally. After finding out what we need to do, so mny fears crop up. They basically said it should be an easy transition, all we need to do is contact our current agency and have them send our info in, they'll review and add or enhance to it.

Easy? Sure, except when you feel like you've been beat up on and not sure if it's apathy, incompetence or personality conflict that has caused the issues to begin with.

My fear is that we'll terminate our curret agency and the new one will not pick us . DH says not to worry, the likelihood in this area is a slim to none that we'd get turned down and that realistically, what harm could come from's not like we can get worse results.

so, yea, there you go, not rational, but anxiety level is thru the roof.

So worried that our one match will come up in between termination and approval, that our current agency will put forth road blocks, that we'll have to start from ground zero, etc. 

I can't even put it in words what all I'm feeling. I hate when I can't even get it in writing where my brain is.

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